Swizznet: Changing the Dynamics of Cloud Hosting

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Bob Hollander, CEO
As the world virtually came to a halt because of the pandemic, it certainly made organizations rethink their ways and embrace new approaches. Of all the potentials the pandemic helped unlock, the massive success of “work from home” on a global scale opened the door to a world of new opportunities for organizations.

And owing to this mainstreaming of remote work, the switch from running core applications—like material management, human resources, and accounting and finance—in “on-premise” corporate servers to more versatile cloud-based ERP suites has become imperative for organizations.

As this transition to cloud-based ERP hosting is happening at a considerable pace, the increasing cases of cyber-attacks in recent times have become a huge concern for organizations. To thwart potential malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks, an organization must choose the right cloud hosting solution provider with a robust and highly secure platform and necessary security compliances. This is where Missouri-based Swizznet’s cloud hosting platform brings a world of difference. “ERP solutions have all the keys to the enterprise castle and hence we have to work hard to keep these systems secure,” says Bob Hollander, CEO of Swizznet.

As an Intuit-authorized commercial hosting provider and Sage authorized partner, Swizznet is a premier hosting provider of Sage ERP, QuickBooks and other accounting solutions that help organizations smoothly migrate their on-premise ERP to the cloud. The company utilizes advanced cloud computing technologies and tools to provision best-in-class cloud access for Sage and QuickBooks desktop applications that mirror the typical in-office software experience, with no compromise on speed, security or other factors.
To ensure maximum protection against potential cyber-attacks, the company has invested considerably in broadening its platform’s security. In one incident, the credentials of a construction company’s employee, based in North America, was stolen in a phishing attack. As a result, the hacker gained access to the customer’s ERP system. But, before the hacker was able to plant malware or ransomware in the client’s environment, Swizznet was able to detect and thwart in a matter of minutes the attack that could have otherwise resulted in a catastrophic data breach. In collaboration with CrowdStrike, a leader in cybersecurity innovation and intelligence, Swizznet has been able to detect and defend potential cyber-attacks that would have cost companies millions of dollars. “It takes a multi-pronged approach to create a secure environment for our clients through cyber threat hunting, next generation firewalls, telemetry, and other cyber defense mechanisms,” explains Hollander.

Swizznet’s cloud platform also supports seamless integrations of third-party applications, which allows its clients to enjoy the same full functionality they do on their office desktops. To this end, Swizznet collaborates directly with the third-party application vendors and ensures optimal integration of the apps with Swizznet’s cloud architecture. To reproduce the desktop environment, the company leverages Citrix or Cloud Jumper remote access technology for a superior customer experience.

Moving forward, the company remains committed to further strengthening the security of its cloud architecture environment by investing more in cyber security technologies and solutions. Swizznet is also entering into the ITaaS (IT as a service) space to simplify the lives of accounting professionals and small business owners. Offering a complete gamut of IT solutions, Swizznet will support all their critical business systems, workflows and technologies, both on and off the cloud. “The pandemic, as much as it hurts, drives the need for us to offer more so that we can solve more problems for our clients,” concludes the CEO.


Chesterfield, Missouri

Bob Hollander, CEO

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