Swizznet: Facilitating Smooth Transitions to the Cloud

Bob Hollander, President, and CEO
While ringing in 2020, no one could have imagined that the world would go through two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months, as described by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic and all the challenges it has brought for businesses, operating remotely has turned out to be the only way forward. Hence, the move to the cloud is accelerating more than ever. In the present scenario, it has become all the more critical for organizations to keep their mission-critical business process applications and accounting software packages – such as Sage ERP and CRE, and Intuit QuickBooks – available to users from anywhere and at any time, while making this transition. US-based Swizznet—a cloud hosting solution provider—ensures just that.

Swizznet enables businesses to leverage the applications that their operations run on from the cloud. The company has pioneered ways to deliver the same on-premise experience that clients expect without changing their familiar Sage and QuickBooks software. “This is an important differentiation for those who need the benefits of the cloud without migrating platforms or retraining staff,” adds Bob Hollander, President, and CEO, Swizznet. Part of the secret is allowing businesses to bring today’s top accounting-related applications and integrations to their Swizznet experience, so their on-site solution operates the same in the cloud. Swizznet can do this because the company enjoys strong relationships and interoperability with those 3rd Party application vendors.

In a market that already has a multitude of organizations enabling businesses to shift to the cloud, Swizznet stands out owing to its unique approach of ensuring that its clients do not have to change the way they do business. Swizznet remains a preferred partner for many as it utilizes state-of-the-art, industry-leading technology to build an enterprise-class platform for both the back-end systems that host accounting and business software and keep them safe to the front-end system for ease-of-use. Swizznet can have servers spun-up, prepped, apps integrated, and software setup the same day.
The firm’s systems are highly reliable, enterprise-grade, and maximize availability and uptime. Hence, it ensures increased functionality and improved user experience over conventional ways of working with remote desktop. “We automate things so that clients don’t experience too much change or confusion as they move to the cloud,” adds Hollander, elaborating on the company’s core technology. One of its key differentiators is the overlay of Citrix or Cloud Jumper over the typical Microsoft Remote Desktop access many providers use. This added level of advanced technology delivers an incredible boost to usability making the client experience like the desktop environment they are used to.

A critical factor that places this hosting solution provider ahead of others is its ability to deliver Obsessive Support® for customers that is hands-down exceptional. The company’s US-based support team quickly handles any issues that customers may have with their online hosting service with 24/7/365 availability. This plays an instrumental role in ensuring the smoothest transition for their clients. Swizznet organizes its support team to deliver a white-glove experience to the end-user. Support teams help onboard customers, train them, and make sure they know how to use the solution. Swizznet has also focused on addressing the most persistent challenge in the IT space—Security. This is an area that the Swizznet team has had an intense focus on since inception in 2007. The company is continually making a significant investment in reviewing and expanding its cybersecurity framework and architecture.

With a sound technology that helps businesses’ smooth transition to the cloud, Swizznet envisions further transforming the way accounting and finance professionals collaborate in CPA firms and businesses of all sizes. To move in this direction, the company is doubling down on its technology investments to scale their business, better penetrate the market, and offer increased value to customers. For the Swizznet team, it’s not just about moving business process or accounting software to the cloud but also about how clients utilize the power of the cloud, and thus gain more value-added benefits – typically at a lower cost than on-site.


Chesterfield, MO

Bob Hollander, President, and CEO

Helps businesses move to the cloud while providing the same on-site experience that clients expect without changing their familiar ERP, CRE or accounting software