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Mathews Mathew, MD & CEO
The current technological revolution is changing the way every organization drives their business to boost productivity, reduce costs, manage growth, and achieve a competitive advantage. The result is an unsynchronized, disparate business process that causes further delays in achieving organizational goals. ePROMIS Solutions addresses these business challenges by streamlining business processes, managing performance, and providing real-time visibility for decision-making. The company’s extensive portfolio of enterprise resource planning (ERP) products synchronizes all aspects of a business to satisfy every need, regardless of the nature and the size of the business. ePROMIS Enterprise Edition ERP solution takes the shape of a business to tackle the entire spectrum of enterprise functionalities—including finance, supply chain, assets, projects, analytics, HR, and customer relations.

In 1981, ePROMIS began its journey as a start-up business in Houston, Texas. Understanding the challenges businesses face due to manual accounting and bookkeeping, the initial objective of ePROMIS was to automate the basic accounting processes for companies. Today, ePROMIS is a multinational software corporation, providing a comprehensive and dynamic range of business software and solutions to various industries including construction and engineering, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and oil and gas. ePROMIS’ cloud-enabled ERP software solutions are specifically designed to help organizations position themselves for an opportunity in today’s volatile market. Currently, ePROMIS has over a million ERP users across the globe. The company has operations across 15 countries, including the USA, UK, UAE, KSA, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Mathews Mathew, the MD and CEO of ePROMIS, explains, “ePROMIS acts as a foundation for future growth and better bottom lines for companies operating under shrinking profit margins.” ePROMIS’ software comprises financial, procure to pay, inventory, project and job costing, plant, human capital management, payroll system, and customer relationship management modules. The software allows users to leverage their personal mobile devices as a central repository for organizational data, enabling them to access work orders, purchase orders, permits, and other important documents and requests, and view relevant reports on the go.

ePROMIS acts as a foundation for future growth and better bottomline for companies operating under shrinking profit margins

In addition to industry-specific modules and systems, ePROMIS offers various applications and functionalities including real-time information, electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, mobile applications, document management system, document attachment system, cloud deployment, and audit trail system.

With native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, ePROMIS reduces the reliance on paper forms and manual processes, significantly improving the client’s efficiency. The ePROMIS Enterprise Edition ERP system automatically collects data from the company’s existing IoT devices to help businesses in data-driven decision making. With centralized data and processes, ePROMIS ERP helps organizations to balance profitability and services delivery, avoid revenue loss due to inappropriate staffing and resource allocation, and deliver construction projects on time within the budget. This helps clients to automate key processes, enabling them to minimize costs and optimize resources without compromising quality. Being a customer-centric organization, ePROMIS’ product development and innovations are based on real-life scenarios standing at a customer’s side.

“According to our predictions, by 2025, 100 percent of the businesses will enjoy enterprise mobility, and there will be more than a trillion smart devices connected to the internet taking businesses to the next level of the IoTand big data,” says Mathew. ePROMIS has a vision for 2025 and their current investments in cloud computing, blockchain technology, big data, and enterprise mobility are based on this great vision. The company looks forward to mitigate the security concerns surrounding cloud, BYOD, and enterprise mobility. “In our innovation lab, we are developing AI-enabled ERP solutions which will reshape the entire ERP software ecosystem and transform business processes and productivity benchmarks,” Mathew concludes.

ePROMIS Solutions

Houston, TX

Mathews Mathew, MD & CEO

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