AIM Solutions, Inc.: New Heights with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Audrey Idom, Vice President of Sales
The financial landscape has transformed to a great extent to cloud ERP implementation and the benefits of adaptability and mobility that it brings along. Leveraging this new development, a leading software vendor that delivers the ideal financial ERP suite is the Dallas-based software vendor, AIM Solutions, Inc. The enterprise is one of the top Acumatica Business Partners in the U.S. providing a cloud-based integrated platform that helps gather financial data, generates reports, dashboards and KPI’s; as well as providing full data integration with access and accuracy to all suites within the Acumatica platform.

AIM Solutions leverages Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Award winning software, which includes a core set of web-based business applications that are easy to access and utilize. The product, leverages the top cloud and mobile technology to deliver a range of extensive suites of highly integrated business management applications dealing with finance, service management, project accounting, distribution, CRM, manufacturing, contracts, deferred revenue, fixed assets and business intelligence. All the modules in the Acumatica Cloud ERP Software are integrated with each other and can be accessed with a single login setup anytime or anywhere. Acumatica also has real time connectivity to excel allowing users to easily refresh exported data for analysis.

Acumatica is highly customizable and can be developed according to clients’needs and requirements. AIM Solutions leverages the expertise of its highly skilled in-house consultants and developers for a complete client specified implementation of the ERP software. During and after implementation of the software, any setbacks are monitored and managed by the consultants.

The one trait that sets AIM Solutions’ apart from other ERP software vendors in the market is their customer service and attention to the customer’s needs. AIM was recognized and received an award from Microsoft for “Customer Care Excellence” and the philosophy of the “Happy Client Experience.” Moreover, Acumatica has a “one cost” principle for the software; there is no user-based pricing for purchasing the software and it is licensed by the suite. This uniformity has helped AIM Solutions be a leader to garner clients and users globally.

The one trait that sets AIM Solutions’ apart from other ERP software vendors in the market is their customer service and attention to the customer’s needs

One such client success story was the data recovery and the implementation of the Acumatica Cloud ERP Suite for a Franchise/Distribution company. The company’s server crashed due to immense workload and large volumes of incoming data on a legacy ERP; the IT team could not procurecurrent backups of data files, due to internal malfunction. The company database was transferred from the legacy system to the Acumatica cloud platform, availing the Financial and Distribution Suites. The entire data recovery process was performed by AIM Solutions in less than a week and they restored the salvaged company data with its data recovery process. The Acumatica Cloud ERP Suite proved to be highly useful for the company’s workflow and which increased the firm’s revenue by 40%. Additionally, the company saved over 80 hours a week utilizing Acumatica’s integration manager and removing the prior manual data imports.

With 25 years of experience and expertise in the ERP market, AIM Solutions has won and received numerous accolades along the road for its unrivaled range of services and customizations. AIM Solutions was also recognized as the Acumatica Subscription Partner of the year in 2016. They were also recognized as Acumatica’s Partner of the Year for four years in a row.

“Acumatica has enabled AIM Solutions to double its size year over year. As our customer base with Acumatica continues to grow; we are constantly adding new consultants and new developers; our customer base expands beyond the US into Canada, Europe and Japan,” states Audrey Idom, Vice President of Sales. The company is constantly evolving with the latest market trends, creating more client-specific tools for the Acumatica Cloud ERP Suite. With 98 percent customer satisfaction, AIM Solutions is one of the most preferred ERP Value Added Resellers in the global market.

AIM Solutions, Inc.

Dallas, TX

Audrey Idom, Vice President of Sales

Provides Business Process (Re) Engineering and application implementation for custom development and ongoing end-user training

AIM Solutions, Inc.