Mountain Point: Driving the Digital Transformation

Andrew Rieser, CEO
Manufacturers around the world know the business landscape has changed and that in order to be competitive they need to modernize their business systems in order to join the digital age. The problem for many of them is that they aren’t exactly sure of what to do or how to do it. They may also have heard about nightmare implementation scenarios where deadlines are missed and costs soar.

As a tech-savvy industry veteran, Andrew Rieser has seen the good and the bad when it comes to adopting new systems and wants to bring his passion for business process re-engineering to company leaders who are ready to adapt their technology but don’t know where to begin. Rieser is a co-founder and president of Mountain Point, a digital transformation firm that provides cloud ERP expertise and guides customers through the complex journey of moving their operations to the cloud.

Being overwhelmed by the prospect of moving from a legacy ERP (or several) to a cloud ERP is understandable, says Rieser, who finds satisfaction in helping clients navigate the process of integrating heaps of system needs, data needs, and people needs. “Whether through acquisition or other means, companies have multiple versions of different ERP systems under their umbrella. They need to identify, standardize, and consolidate multiple accounts across multiple systems. This process of master data management allows them to gain insights and develop reports that result in better decisions,” says Rieser. “We are leveraging the Salesforce platform to expose and uncover data, ERP, and business process challenges.”

For companies that are conceptually ready to take the cloud ERP leap, one of the biggest commitments is choosing a provider. Mountain Point guides clients in analyzing their operations to find the right fit. “As we saw companies leaping away from their legacy or sunsetting ERPs and opting to put Cloud ERP in place, we opted to forge strategic alliances with two of the leading Salesforce platform cloud ERP providers: Kenandy and Rootstock,” notes Rieser. By partnering with multiple providers, Mountain Point offers clients several options so they can find the system that will best suit their needs.

We are leveraging the Salesforce platform to expose and uncover data, ERP, and business process challenges

Mountain Point’s consultants work with clients’ key stakeholders to identify needs and provide system integration that streamlines migration to the cloud. Across the industry, manufacturers want stronger engagement with their customers and tighter relationships with their distributors. They need better communication between the front and back office, and they know that improving transactional visibility will help them gain efficiencies and reduce non-value add inquiries. Using best-of-breed applications such as Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and inquire to order processes, users target core information and make it work for them.

Mountain Point specializes in innovative, customizable approaches to meet client needs. For example, when a customer wanted to eliminate the need for shop floor employees anchored to a desktop computer, Mountain Point created a mobile interface that seamlessly integrated shop floor workflows with functions such as Work Order Management, Inventory Transfers, and Cycle Counts. This user-friendly solution produced immediate results: an almost 70 percent reduction in Work in Process (WIP).

According to Rieser, most enterprise manufacturers work enthusiastically on transforming and revolutionizing their technological space but struggle to draw a roadmap that guides them towards logical future evolution. This is where Mountain Point’s manufacturing expertise and consulting experience stand out. Rieser says, “We are betting that manufacturing’s revitalization will continue to grow. Our expertise in modern platforms and Cloud ERP is what differentiates Mountain Point and makes us the partner of choice for these digital transformations.” Forging ahead, he declares, “we will continue to grow our presence in highly populated manufacturing regions and differentiate ourselves in the Salesforce ecosystem by delivering financial results for the companies that made a choice to compete for tomorrow’s growth.”

Mountain Point

Charlotte, NC

Andrew Rieser, CEO

Drives digital transformations for industrial and manufacturing based businesses through Cloud ERP and Salesforce Platform

Mountain Point