Kenandy: Empowering Businesses with Cloud ERP

Chuck Berger, CEO
It was in 2010 when software pioneer and founder of Ask Systems, Sandy Kurtzig, embarked on a journey to challenge the traditional credos in the ERP space. This prompted her to lay the foundation for Kenandy on the simple idea that companies should not be held back by dated ERP systems. Today, steered under the leadership of Chuck Berger, Kenandy is undergoing a rapid-growth phase and is poised to makes big strides within the industry. Berger has ushered in a clear vision for helping the company scale and his core-domain expertise has Kenandy focused on delivering a best-in-class ERP. “With Kenandy’s Cloud ERP on Salesforce, executives can focus on the needs of their business instead of managing software or dated IT systems. Companies can say goodbye to on-premise hardware costs and look forward to automatic updates,” begins Berger, CEO, Kenandy.

“Unlike traditional ERP systems, Kenandy’s Cloud ERP provides customers with great user experiences and allows companies to innovate products, services, operations, and relationships by bringing business information to their fingertips. With the emergence of internet of things, the cloud, and the value of big data reporting and analytics, today’s companies need an ERP that is flexible and ready to take advantage of these changes as a business grows. Kenandy’s Cloud ERP is natively built on the Salesforce platform and provides all the functionalities that are required to increase operational efficiency for their businesses.

“Because of our unique product architecture, users get an end-to-end cloud ERP with Kenandy’s Business Ready Objects, instead of thousands of disconnected tables and modules,” states Berger. Business Ready Objects are the building blocks of Kenandy’s Cloud ERP. “We have built a smart data model that reduces the need for redundant data loading in different systems.” The smart information model behind Business Ready Objects allows Kenandy to deliver unprecedented flexibility for an end-to-end ERP that is differentiated in the market.

Kenandy’s Cloud ERP has also reduced the burden of manual quoting, by sales teams, by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software. This allows sales team to quote accurately with real-time information about customers, account balances, inventory, and lead times. Customers can also leverage thousands of business applications on the Salesforce AppExchange and utilize best-in-class collaboration tools, enterprise community, and social tools all on the same platform.

Because of our unique product architecture, users get an end-to-end Cloud ERP on Salesforce with Kenandy’s Business Ready Objects, instead of thousands of disconnected tables and modules

One of Kenandy’s customers, Charlie Merrow, CEO of Merrow Sewing Machine Company, talks about the impact of Kenandy Cloud ERP built on Salesforce and how it allowed their team to test concepts and quickly move ideas into action. In addition to manufacturing thousands of different sewing machine parts that are distributed in 65 countries, Merrow built custom sewing machines for a variety of customers and applications. But, the high levels of complexity and costs of customization were becoming economically challenging for them. With Kenandy Cloud ERP on Salesforce, “we are no longer held back by our old ERP. It transformed our business to better collaborate, and innovate products and services,” asserts Charlie.

“Companies have begun to understand and accept our value proposition, and we have increased our customer base by 4 times in 2016, and are planning similar growth in 2017,” says Berger. Forging ahead, the firm is planning to continue to strengthen its synergy with Salesforce and to build value for its customers, enabling them to experience the next generation of ERP and bring in new possibilities to their mission critical operations.


Redwood City, CA

Chuck Berger, CEO

Redefines ERP with Salesforce platform that empowers organizations to innovate, grow, and improve their business operations in a true multi tenant cloud environment

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