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Matthew Palmer, Principal
Touching upon the genesis of the company, Matthew Palmer, Principal at iTK Technologies, begins, “We all saw how in the science fiction film Passengers, a spaceship bound for a new planet underwent self-healing to return itself back to an acceptable state. That is precisely what we are doing in the ERP space. We are saying no to the legacy wait-to-break-to-fix model, and yes to self-analyzing, alerting and healing ERP systems.” Today, a plethora of companies across the globe rely on Infor Lawson, SAP, Oracle, and many other ERP systems. However, managing today’s ERP system is no easy feat. It requires remaining abreast of the latest technologies to continuously usher in increased operational efficiencies. “Successfully managing your ERP system requires much more than a set of eyes examining log files, stat data and what not. The ERP technology stack of today has become way too complex,” stresses Palmer.

With roots tracing back beyond 2010, iTK comprises a dedicated team seasoned in the realm of healthcare, retail, and Infor Lawson verticals. With managed services built around a super charged analytics engine, service level agreements with the business lines become actually attainable and manageable. The firm’s profound technical and functional predictive analytics along with nanosecond event monitoring form the core of their threat and performance optimization services. These functionalities overcome the performance challenges in the ERP environment, turning it into a well-informed, perceptive, and self-healing ERP. “When considering SLAs and contracts, because of the complexities, nobody really looks into the nuts and bolts of managing them,” states Palmer. To that end, iTK’s advanced solutions leverage artificial intelligence, pattern/ signature recognition, and additional data attributes to self-manage and defend the ERP stack within those SLA obligations.

With new data points and views from the big data technologies the team incorporated, came a treasure trove of intelligence on the ERP. One of the first issues identified with the new release was with a poorly formed custom program hogging resources to the point that it was crashing the system.

We will continue to leverage the wave of big data analytics and ultra-fast, cloud based compute engines to create a truly self-healing and managing ERP system

“We went back and compared our old protocol for detection and root cause analysis, to the new one. The old protocol would have taken us 4.5 days to make the determination and document the evidence. With our new release, it took less than 20 minutes. That’s huge anyway you look at it,” illustrates Palmer.

“It does not take long to start discovering new ways that can drive mind boggling new efficiencies into your ERP stack. From embedded AICPA and HR best practices to custom data views combining literally billions of data points your mind is really the only limitation in the equation.”

With the firm’s technical prowess and Palmer’s leadership they are taking ERP management to stratospheric heights; empowering clients with the edge in a technologically competent world to eliminate superannuated ERP performance management from their business. Palmer firmly believes that super-fast analytics is an indispensable tool in ensuring business efficiency and data security.

In days to come, “Our focus is going to be heads down on artificial intelligence. We will continue to leverage the wave of big data analytics and ultra-fast, cloud based compute engines to create a truly self-healing and managing ERP system,” concludes the principal.

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Matthew Palmer, Principal and Ron L. Dykstra, VP-Sales

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