Six S Partners: Trusted Advice in ERP Implementation

John Preiditsch, Founder & CEO
Organizations, today, seek for establishing not just a methodology but also a culture to better manage their processes and growing business. However, these companies, more often than not, scruple to invest in technologies that can streamline the processes and reduce complexity in operations of a growing business. The apprehension continues to exist when it comes to buying and understanding the potential of software involved—especially ERP software.

Backtracking to 2007, John Preiditsch, Founder and CEO, Six S Partners discovered that many companies were failing to realize the benefits and the effective use of ERP owing to the paucity of adoption of best practices and utilization of sound business knowledge. “Companies fail to realize that best practices are time-proven ways to streamline the business. The approach running the business can be optimized with these practices for exercising greater flexibility to meet future changes,” begins Preiditsch. “In addition to this, building a business also requires operational-savvy people with domain knowledge, so that they can share a common language with their clients while dealing with their problems in a way the clients expect.”

Preiditsch identified an opportunity while addressing these key factors in businesses and laid the foundation of Six S Partners based on the concept of Lean’s 5 “S” program. “We go the extra mile with our depth of consulting and our approach in addressing and helping our clients to adopt the best practices,” states Preiditsch. “We identify factors that prevent the adoption of these practices and also highlight the challenges.”

The company, dealing with intensive change management, specializes in ERP support to improve bottom line in businesses and has teamed up with Epicor to create “a very symbiotic relationship”, in words of the CEO. Paraphrasing Preiditsch, Epicor ERP software meets the needs of flexibility, and agility in organizations to fortify innovative and strategic decisions along with leaning out wasted processes. The ERP software—Epicor ERP—comprises of features like collaboration, ease of use, and responsiveness and can be deployed to meet unique operational needs and resources.

Companies fail to realize best practices that are time-proven ways to streamline the business

“The Cloud version of Epicor ERP—is an extensive product with deep functionality and employs proven, cutting-edge technology in a cost effective multi-tenant environment,” says Preiditsch.

The technology visionary, Preiditsch states, “Buying technology is just the beginning. It's more about how you leverage and strategize it,” says Preiditsch. Many companies have lost the knowledge apropos of the consumption of software, buy a technology product just for the sake of technology, and not based on the business subjectivism. This is where Six S Partners shines out and builds trusted-advice relationship that can guide companies with its technical skills on multiple fronts, for instance, a consultation for ERP technology investments. “We explain technology to them and in many cases it's also about explaining to the customer not to do certain things or at a certain time because they are not quite ready for it yet,” adds Preiditsch.

The company’s ERP implementation journey has been advancing at a fast pace resulting in delighted customers. At one instance, Ontario based The WHITING Group was grappling with their existing ‘legacy’ ERP that failed to offer data from multiple databases in real-time. They needed a solution to manage their business units on one system. The client chose Epicor ERP for real-time data and one system with one login for multiple companies.

Moving ahead, as the ERP sector is progressing, the company looks forward to expand it global footprint and continue to offer consulting and supporting services in the cloud and on premise ERP space.

Six S Partners

Waterloo, ON

John Preiditsch, Founder & CEO

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