SYSPRO: Synchronizing ERP Solutions with Business Models

Joey Benadretti, President
In today’s manufacturing arena, organizations are in need of viable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that can provide visibility across their entire supply chains. From resources allocation and analysis, to planning and reporting, ERP platforms are expected to provide complete transparency that can help manufacturing organizations streamline their business operations to maximize efficiencies and address all areas of the supply chain. “Our company assists manufacturers throughout the process, from the point of bringing in raw materials to the delivery of products and services,” delineates Brian Stein, CEO, SYSPRO USA. The company’s mobile-enabled ERP solutions provide a unified platform for the customers to streamline their business operations.

With U.S. Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, SYSPRO is the leading independent developer of ERP software for financial, manufacturing and distribution solutions. It delivers on-premise and cloud-based utilization, offering sophisticated functionality, simplicity of use and unmatched support via its global network of distribution centers and resellers. SYSPRO offers ERP solutions that cover a large arc from the food and beverages industry to medical devices and aerospace, consumer durables, and machinery and electronics industries.

The ERP software offered by SYSPRO integrates all processes for manufacturers and distributors that control operations and enhance productivity. “We simplify operations through our flexible and responsive product design,” says Stein. “Our latest release of the software, SYSPRO 7, features numerous operational and ease-of-use enhancements, ranging from accounting to sales analytics and inventory movement,” says Stein. SYSPRO 7 enables more customization, mobility, and efficient implementation. Alongside delivering the new version, SYSPRO also assists manufacturers and distributors to overhaul their existing processes through comprehensive implementation services. “Systems are implemented to support our customers’ efforts in areas like enhancing the shop floor, synchronizing machinery, optimization of inventories in accordance with demands, achieving sustainability objectives and maximizing overall productivity,” says Stein. SYSPRO’s implementation methodology is structured and documented to enable companies to streamline and keep a track of their business processes. Since these companies achieve greater visibility, they can carry out the business operations according to the estimated budget and also gain efficient outcomes.
Besides delivering implementation services, SYSPRO offers locally-developed applications like container tracking systems and other solutions that facilitate on-time deliveries and maximize customer service.

Our company assists manufacturers throughout the process, from the point of bringing in raw materials to the delivery of products and services

“SYSPRO and its Channel has garnered strong acclamation for streamlining ERP requirements according to customers’ business models,” says Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA. In an implementation highlight, a provider of comprehensive solutions for the semiconductor industry, Rochester Electronics, wanted to revamp their existing ERP software. The customer needed new SQL server databases, business intelligence, analytics, order systems, and easy customization and integration. SYSPRO assisted them in changing their database, integrating multiple business applications, replacing existing internal applications, upgrading the reporting platform while revising critical processes. SYSPRO’s business intelligence now enables them to track their inventory, trace customer information and integrate their warehouse and CRM system with SYSPRO ERP. “Rochester was able to derive better business insights after effectively upgrading their existing ERP system,” remarks Benadretti. “We have considerably reduced manual intervention in scanning inventory receipts,” says Mike Murray, Manager of Information Systems, Rochester Electronics. “SYSPRO helped the company to make faster and better decisions through its business intelligence,” he adds.

Moving forward, SYSPRO is now looking to extend its capabilities in the rising Cloud, IoT, and Mobility trends. “We are planning to integrate more advanced features to our ERP solutions to cater to the needs of a growing community of large multinational clients,” says Stein. With software currently in more than 60 countries, SYSPRO is continuing to expand its global reach.


Costa Mesa, CA

Joey Benadretti, President and Brian Stein, CEO

Provider of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions from the discovery phase to implementation, training and on-going support of system.