Njevity: Robust Cloud-based Solutions Built For Customer Success

Chris Dobkins CEO
It is not often that you hear the word ‘love’ in the corporate world, and fewer companies actually incorporate it into their business practices. At Njevity, CEO Chris Dobkins’ love of customer success transcends the typical ERP Reseller/ Customer Partnership as he continually exemplifies to his team the importance of living Njevity’s core values of Caring, Courage and Commitment. “Njevity’s focus is to provide customers with an exceptional Cloud ERP experience. This not only means that our systems must exceed customers’ performance expectations, but we must also demonstrate integrity and a desire to go the extra mile in every interaction we have with our customers,” says Dobkins. To accomplish this level of commitment, Njevity has amassed an exceptional team of experienced and dedicated professionals that redefine what it means to have a relationship with an ERP Solution Provider.

Njevity’s mission is to improve the lives and business success of Customers and Partners through creative technology solutions for the automation of key business workloads. As a Gold ERP partner with Microsoft and Acumatica, their name is the combination of the words ’ingenuity’ and ‘longevity’ and they strive to provide creative solutions that endure through ever-changing business conditions and technologies. Njevity’s model embraces cutting edge Cloud Technologies with fully integrated Cloud-based solutions for Financial, Purchasing, Document Imaging and Automation, Inventory Management, Shipping, e-commerce, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, and Help Desk workloads without hardware or software, all for a low monthly fee. Njevity further expanded by developing the NjevityToGo Cloud Partner Program, where they offer white labeled, hosted ERP solutions for other Partners’ customers.

A common misconception is that as a business grows, needs become more complex. With customers ranging in size from a few million in sales to over a billion, Njevity’s experience working with customers of all sizes allows them to come alongside their customers and partners and help them achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. Njevity understands that not all business goals are monetary, so whether they are going for rapid growth or looking for more time to spend with family, Njevity helps customers capitalize on technology to accomplish their goals.
According to Dobkins, “Time is a valuable and limited resource and our Cloud ERP Solutions significantly help customers reclaim the chunks of time that have been diverted towards infrastructure and integration so they can focus on the mission of their business.”

Despite being an early adopter and one of the strongest providers of cloud based business management systems, Njevity continues to display commitment to the success of their customers and partners. In 2015, Njevity invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into their cloud infrastructure with hardware that is beyond the reach of most businesses providing their customers the opportunity to utilize state of the art technology in their business solutions. Njevity is also developing mobile applications, delivering on their vision of a High Fidelity Experience that leverages the Cloud’s promise of affordable, ‘anywhere, any device access’ and helps businesses capitalize on mobile technology cost effectively. Of course, Njevity has the team to back up all of this impressive technology, and are constantly going to great lengths to provide exceptional levels of service.

With the NjevityToGo Cloud, we can deliver robust solutions to address our customer’s Financial, Purchasing, Document Imaging, Inventory Management, Shipping, e-commerce, Sales Force Automation, and Help Desk needs

Entrepreneurs love what they do. It is at the heart of their success as they boldly build their businesses to deliver on their dreams. Njevity understand this love and the drive provided by dreams, as they are a quickly growing entrepreneurial company themselves. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and to work with a company that loves it when you succeed, then Njevity should be one of your business partners.


Greenwood Village, CO

Chris Dobkins CEO

Njevity improves the lives and business success of customers and partners through creative and state of the art technology solutions for integrated cloud ERP and CRM solutions