NetSuite:Unified Business Management Suite for Real-time Visibility

Zach Nelson, President & CEO
Implementing an ERP solution requires effective planning, execution and smooth processes to improve efficiency. ERP software requires unique customizations and integrations— keeping in pace with the latest technology. Catering to these increasing demands with cutting edge solution is CA based NetSuite. The company’s cloud-based ERP software—NetSuite ERP enables businesses to streamline operations across the entire organization by offering real-time visibility, for quicker decision making processes. By empowering organizations to increase efficiency and set the foundation for good governance, NetSuite ERP helps in managing IT costs and eliminating manuallyintensive spreadsheets.

The software also provides standard general ledger functionality, inventory fulfillment, complete fixed asset life cycle tracking, and integrated budgeting and forecasting tools. NetSuite ERP offers powerful capabilities that enable users to customize their software based on their unique requirements. “ERP solutions include many front and back office systems, from accounting and inventory management to ecommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) to create a seamless experience for end users,” explains Zach Nelson, President and CEO, NetSuite. NetSuite ERP accelerates order-to cash processes, slashes financial close by 50 percent, strengthens procurement with approvals and vendor management, and enriches employee management through self-service. In addition, the platform enables users to increase accountability and compliance with strong traceability, and advances productivity, with anytime, anywhere.

The company’s ERP software system renders a single version of truth. It enables businesses to create meaningful reports with easy-to-use tools and latest results, as a part of everyday activities. The software delivers real-time information with personalized dashboards to monitor the KPIs important to any role. It also helps in pre-built accounting reports with easy-to-use tools.

This enables IT resources to focus on innovating the business more effectively, instead of spending disproportionate amount of time on maintaining and managing onpremise systems. With the help of NetSuite ERP software, companies can easily roll out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions avoiding the costs associated with these roll outs. This easy-to-scale software also gives flexibility to add more users, as the business grows.
In order to assist clients with their specific requirements, the company follows a Shared Consulting Implementation Process. This co-operative, hands on project, jointly managed by the NetSuite Consulting team and the customers serve as a blueprint for ensuring that NetSuite is configured to meet the increasing demands of the customers. “Throughout the entire shared consulting implementation, our dedicated NetSuite Consulting team works closely with our organization, ensuring that the business objectives are met. This ensures a successful business management software implementation,” Nelson exclaims.

NetSuite ERP enables businesses to streamline operations across the entire organization by offering realtime visibility, for quicker decision making processes

Using its cutting-edge solutions, the company helps several manufacturers to expand their market and attract strategic investors, instantly. For instance, a manufacturer of highdefinition camcorders had a combination of outsourcing and fragmented in-house business software that prevented them from taking full advantage of a fast growing market opportunity. The client’s business software was unable to handle multiple sales and distribution channels, slowing down order processing, and business channels—causing major disruptions. In order to solve this obstacle, the company chose NetSuite over an on-premise ERP system due to its benefits in cost, reliability and time deployment, taking just eight weeks to complete the process. Moving ahead, the company plans to implement innovative products to transform businesses and lead disruption in the markets they serve. NetSuite is focused on meeting the increasing customer requirements of engaging them with relevant, personalized content, whenever they require it.


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Zach Nelson, President & CEO

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