Infor: Cloud enabled purpose-built Micro vertical ERP solutions

Lisa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy
The digital age is inundated with modern technologies such as the cloud, mobile and social and is driving the vast and competitive ERP landscape toward a tipping point. The differentiation amongst ERP solution providers lies in the ability to transform applications that run the business. “As solution providers in this space, we chart a simple predictable path for our customers to retire their customizations and legacy applications and upgrade their mission critical applications to the cloud, toward bringing improved business agility,” says Lisa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy, Infor.

“We have a strategic initiative within our company to design, develop and deploy our products from a cloud perspective,” explains Lisa. The firm’s UpgradeX program, applicable across flagship products such as Infor LN, Infor M3, Infor Lawson, Infor SyteLine, and Infor EAM allows customers to evolve their existing investment directly to the latest version of their solution running in Infor CloudSuite. “Through our customers leveraging the UpgradeX program to move to the cloud and new customers opting in with Infor CloudSuite, we now have 2,800 customers, 45 million users, and serve them in 96 countries around the world,” states Lisa.

The unique selling proposition of Infor is its product offering tailored for specific verticals rather than a single big suite. For instance, the firm’s product for manufacturing—Infor LN is project based and is most suitable for automotive, aerospace and defense segments as well. “The same product can be run on premise or on the cloud. This approach gives customers a faster time to benefit,” adds Lisa. In an implementation highlight at Wilcon Builder’s Depot, Infor’s M3 solution was chosen with the aim of increasing their market share, improving the competitive advantage, grow shareholder value and support a strategy of continuous improvement. In less than a year of implementing Infor’s M3 product, Wilcon’s average annual growth increased by 15 percent and inventory reporting accuracy to 99.9 percent.

In the evolving landscape, Infor’s core mission is to build robust business applications with last mile functionality and scientific insights that provide business applicability for select industries delivered as a cloud service.
At Infor, the thrust is on the user—to create experiences people love. “We have a team of talented creatives at our Hook and Loop design center based in New York City focused on continually improving on how customers use our software. On the anvil are incredible features on the user experience front, by way of our product called Glide–a new way to leverage software from that of a traditional user interface,” explains Lisa.

In the wake of the increased data in the cloud, recognizing the need for companies to take advantage of their data, Infor’s in-house Dynamic Science labs have made science a core competency to work across its product lines. "By applying the science, we have the ability to predict on customer issues, and challenges and fix and resolve problems proactively,” says Lisa.

The approach of each product being highly focused on a specific vertical, versus having one big suite, gives us a faster time to benefit

Infor Dynamic Science Labs builds machine learning directly into the cloud applications, making it available as part of customers' subscriptions.

Serving more than 73,000 customers globally, Infor’s customers can leverage micro-vertical functionality, simple integration and intuitive user experiences minimizing costly customizations. Given the strong role of Infor in the ERP segment, the firm is uniquely positioned to offer cloud suites for verticals Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare and Automotive.

“We have solutions launching for even more micro verticals and more specialized domains allowing our customers to work smarter and faster. Our differentiation is in the scale, the size and the insight we invest in our products to power entire industries on the cloud,” concludes Lisa.


New York, NY

Lisa Pope, VP Cloud Strategy

Infor offers deep industry-specific ERP applications and suites, engineered for speed, with an innovative user experience

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