DDI System: Delivering Cost-Efficient ERP Solutions

Adam Waller, CEO
Since its conception, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has been one of the sought after business management systems. The successful implementation of an ERP solution could help businesses streamline a variety of operations. However, this implementation is not always successful.Headquartered in Newtown, CT, DDI System is a software company providing solutions for the successful integration of the ERP system. “Through our innovative solutions, we meet the needs of janitorial and sanitation services (JanSan), paper and packaging distributors, electrical, plumbing, industrial, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), fastener, and wholesale distributors,” says Adam Waller, CEO, DDI System.

DDI System’s flagship product, the graphical Windows application, Inform ERP, contains industry-specific features that streamline operations and increase profitability of organizations. “Inform ERP specializes in robust demand management, forecasting, and purchasing, daily workflow automation, paper-free operations, advance customer portal, mobile touch-based operation, and the development capacity to handle external integration,” implies Waller. For the benefit of the wholesale distribution, Inform ERP combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Mobile and eCommerce with daily operations.

DDI System has built Inform’s CRM component to deliver quantifiable advantages for users. “Many of our users make extensive use of the sales history to build new orders, with comprehensive analysis of purchasing records of the customers,” mentions Waller. DDI System’s detailed analysis, CRM, and reporting locate the distributors’ sales history to identify their selling opportunities. Additionally, the company’s customer portal effectively provides rich content directly from Inform, with status and history of orders, invoice, POD (Proof of Delivery) signatures, sales history, and customer-driven reporting.

Subsequently, to better equip organizations, the company has also created MobiOrder, a touch-based, tablet-friendly sales team solution for Inform ERP. MobiOrder advances the high-performing customer portal by adding an effective layer of salesperson tools. The product also includes a new sales opportunity report. This sales opportunity report encompasses the transaction details of the past, as well as the purchase opportunities based on historical purchasing patterns. This process is advantageous as the salesperson can drill down on the report to view the products and sales that are driving performance for every one of their customers.

DDI System and Inform ERP are currently a very strong choice for mid-market and large distributors to achieve greater profitability

There are various cases where DDI System has empowered its illustrious clientele to overcome their business challenges and to accomplish desired goals. Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is a leading supplier of HVAC parts and equipment to residential and commercial customers. The organization’s objective includes managing manufacturer rebates, streamlining warehouse operations through barcoding, and gaining control over seasonal inventory forecasting.

Yandle selected DDI System’s Inform ERP wholesale distribution solution based on the company’s unique ability to enhance the core system to accommodate critical workflow, impressive customer reference base, and continuous advancements to power operations. “DDI System and Inform ERP are currently a very strong choice for mid-market and large distributors to achieve greater profitability,” adds Waller.

To stay ahead in the competition, the company has deployed a new KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard and reporting system along with mobile salesperson platform and warranty-returns management system.

“The largest and almost invisible investment we are making in Inform ERP is transforming into a ‘multi-tier’ architecture,” says Waller. In this design, Inform ERP physically separates presentation, application processing, and data management functions for the convenience of the users.

Moving ahead, DDI System will be shifting focus to the cloud-based trends providing feature-rich ERP solutions with critical speed and high-input tasks like counter sales. Mobile and eCommerce will also continue to be focus of the company, with rapidly changing devices and user expectations.

DDI System

Newtown, CT

Adam Waller, CEO

DDI System's Inform ERP software is the industry specific solution for wholesale distributors. Comprehensive tools combine everyday operational benefits in accounting, inventory, sales,purchasing and pricing with the latest innovations in ecommerce and mobile.