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Stephen Roche, President
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is a significant step for any enterprise. The increase in demand for cloud deployments of ERPs are not surprising, due to its cost-effectiveness, timesaving, scalability, and ease of updates. That being said, Cloud ERP solutions can help firms of all sizes in supporting and coordinating critical business processes. Cloud ERP provides a company’s servers, storage facilities, applications, services network to access a greater variety of information technology resources. However, the implementation of cloud ERP systems is not straightforward, and significant issues can occur when launching cloud ERP initiatives such as time slippage, over-running expenses, poor quality, and frustrated users. As a result, many companies are unable to find a suitable ERP solution that is both affordable and adds value to their unique business processes and goals. This is where Cloud Services Solutions (CSS) can assist companies with over 20 years of experience and a focus on trending market strategies. The company provides end-to-end strategic consulting services that allow government agencies, higher education institutions, and commercial businesses to implement cost-effective cloud ERP solutions and measurably improve the performance and capabilities of their resources and business processes.

An underestimated factor that often leads to weak cloud ERP systems is the ‘implementation partner’s lack of project management expertise.’ Identifying and managing risks proactively from start to post-deployment is as crucial as the project itself. This is where the knowledge of the project implementation team, must be transitioned to the end-user. This also includes post-deployment activities such as maintenance, data extraction, and support strategies. Over the years, CSS’ proven structured approach helped companies navigate and research through sophisticated vendors and solutions with Magic Quadrant Analysis—’taking out the emotion out of the vendor selection process’ and using responses, process, and deliverables selected by facts to save time and money.

The initial onboarding process begins with the identification and evaluation of its client’s KPIs using CSS’ proprietary ‘Client Assessment Matrix.’ “One of the things that makes a great advisory company is you are not always speaking, you are listening more than you are speaking to your customers,” explains President of Cloud Services Solutions, Stephen Roche.

One of the things that makes a great advisory company is you are not always speaking, you are listening more than you are speaking to your customers

This helps the company understand and narrow down all the solutions that ‘suited’ vendors offer and empowers clients to develop an understanding and an implementation schedule that fits their budget and timeline for the new ERP System. Based on the selection criteria, the company helps prepare a project plan to align the resources and staff needed to successfully implement the cloud ERP system through a series of presentations and “demo days.” Once clients have identified a suited third-party provider—CSS’ senior-level consultants will help negotiate and leverage their solutions at the best rates and terms for them. Post-implementation, the company’s seasoned staff offers training and support to the client’s employees to avoid potential issues in the future.

To further illustrate CSS’ in-depth experience, Roche narrates an incident where a pre-IPO company in the bio space was acquiring smaller organizations throughout the globe at a rate of anywhere from 50 employees up to 400 employees per acquisition. The client needed guidance on how they could take their individuals and data into a more extensive system and be able to communicate it out to do the change management process essentially down to a cookie-cutter process. CSS assisted in designing the seamless process that saved the client from unnecessary time and expense. The assistance CSS provided proved so successful that it enabled the client to buy an organization twice their size last year in a major merger. Moving forward, the firm is planning to take significant steps in terms of global expansion and is looking to strengthen its position in Asia as well as in Europe and Latin America for the next couple of quarters into 2020.

Cloud Services Solutions

Wilmington, DE

Stephen Roche, President

Cloud Services Solutions provides strategic consulting services that allow clients to effectively implement cost-effective ERP application solutions and measurably improve the performance and capabilities of their resources and business processes. In addition, the company helps the client choose and integrate the cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system and vendors that perfectly fit their needs and goals. Cloud Services Solutions accomplishes this by leveraging its proprietary Client Assessment Matrix, combined with decades of business experience, and hands-on approach

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