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Spencer Nayan Joshi, President
We are aware that you know your business best. However, if your technology needs are distracting you from your core business, let us provide you with our experience, understanding, and integration of IT and business drivers to help you focus on your core business. Let us help you maximize your efficiency in making you utilize your times and resources to the best,” begins Spencer Nayan Joshi, the President of Anid Infosoft. It is a no-brainer that an ERP system, when implemented correctly, can work wonders in simplifying and automation the work processes to a great extent. An effective ERP system functions as the brain of organizations that propels them forward and integrates all facets of their business, including product development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Proper synchronization of all these aspects helps them gain visibility, enhance productivity, and operational efficiency while reducing the cost of operations and increasing the competitive edge they have. As such, in today’s competitive, ever-evolving enterprise-technology landscape, ERPs should go above and beyond their intended “textbook” definition and purpose— something which most businesses fail to achieve. ERP systems ought to help organizations to adapt to the changes in the business arena and meet their customers’ needs while integrating all their data into a single database to enable accurate analysis and reporting, which further drives data-driven decision-making. In effect, the next generation modern ERP Systems are going to have a smaller core of critical business processes( such as transaction management and tracking) with lightweight connections to more specific functional & industry applications that live in the cloud, including third-party solutions such as Workday for HR and for CRM. An ERP system in place should be flexible and be able to act as facilitators of change. It is at this juncture that Anid Infosoft comes in with its expertise to help clients have the best-suited ERP strategy for their businesses and reset the gap between their current ERP measures and the desired goals, thus instilling confidence in its clients. “We make our clients rethink their ERP strategy to gain digital competitive advantage with capable and effective change management practices at the core of their business. We step in with our expertise, intuition and intelligence to thoroughly analyze client’s business model and build and enhance the confidence in our customers by upfront visioning and adopting the best ERP Practices for that industry” states Spencer Nayan Joshi, the President of Anid Infosoft.

Companies dealing with on-site works require regular customization to their ERP framework, which proves to be very expensive and time-consuming, adding to which the innovations and standardization of the solutions become very difficult. The increased amount of coding makes it even tougher to integrate new ERP solutions over the global market. Anid Infosoft works around bringing about efficiency within enterprises, with the help of in-memory databases and cloud technology to help clients integrate their processes and drive better business outcomes. One of the approaches the company takes is the break-off method, in which the processes are broken down into smaller sections, which helps determine the applications that are to be migrated, without impacting transactions or the workflow. The company also helps build confidence throughout the business line and helps clients comprehend their business goals and focus on their core business and the change appetite. Another area where it plays a vital role is data management.

We make our clients capable of effective change management at the core of their business. We step in with our expertise, intuition and intelligence to build and enhance the confidence in our customers through ERP best practices geared and tailored to their specific industry

With a great overload in-flow of data from social networks and internal business transactions, organizations need to monitor and analyze this data and turn them into actionable insights, while heeding to several security concerns, which Anid Infosoft does with ease.

The company follows a three-pronged, case-by-case approach in delivering solutions. The first way is through a greenfield implementation, where clients are assisted in migrating from legacy systems to newer ERP systems, like the S/4 HANA. Secondly, it provides system conversions, which is termed as the lift and shift method. In this, Anid Infosoft helps clients to shift from their existing SAP systems to HANA, for which they require an update manager and data migration options for the entire system upgradation. Before clients can undergo this conversion, Anid Infosoft analyzes the needs of the clients and decides whether they need to change their systems or need a new one altogether. The third approach the company offers is landscape consulting, where the processes are demarcated business-wise, from a project planning perspective. In this, the company goes in and analyzes several parameters right from the outset, such as the software required for the clients and charting the roadmap for them as well. The company, with its team of subject matter and domain experts, work collectively to help clients think of all these criteria before adopting any new piece of technology into their operation.

In spite of being a comparatively novice company, Anid Infosoft has made its impression with several successes across various industry verticals, including pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, healthcare, retail, and many more. The company houses experts from different functional areas and networks them with its in-house group, peers, and its technology group and work within a well-connected environment. These quasi-teams work consistently, from both the U.S and India, which takes Anid Infosoft ahead while leveraging every new learning experience, may it be in AI, augmented intelligence, or cyborgs in medicine. With this advantage playing to its favor, the company was instrumental in helping several clients migrate to the cloud, increasing their sales and marketing while adding to their ROIs multi-fold. It looks to integrate SAP ARIBA into its offerings while enhancing clients’ capabilities in AI and ML and also strives to include SAP Leonardo into its extensive portfolio, while harnessing young talent into its team, to provide better efficiency to clients.

Anid infosoft

Spencer Nayan Joshi, President

Anid Infosoft is one of the leading providers of SAP and ERP solutions to clients globally. The company helps clients to stay abreast with the new technologies, without impacting their business operations or workflow. It helps clients with on-site customizations and modifications by providing several approaches to make the standardization and integration easy, while leveraging in-memory database facilities and cloud technologies. Anid Infosoft compartmentalizes processes into smaller consumer sections and helps clients choose the applications which need to migrate first, while helping them manage their change appetite effectively, with its subject matter expertise in the ERP arena.

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