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Andrew M. Nunez, Chief Sales Officer
In a fast-growing IT landscape, implementing enterprise software, even for mature organizations, can be often challenging. Apart from advanced technology tools, companies demand an extensive knowledgebase to reduce risk and enhance implementation. Begun as an implementation service provider for accounting software systems, SWK Technologies helps companies across industries to identify the perfect software for addressing their business and IT needs seamlessly.

Upon its inception in 1987, Lynn and Gary Berman, the founders of SWK, realized the significance of Electronic Data Interchange or EDI as the mid-market accounting software product for higher business efficiency. They, then, developed an EDI tool, MAPADOC, specifically for one of the most common accounting software options, MAS 90, now known as Sage 100. “We are a software reseller, implementer, and publisher. We produce several vertical solutions like TBx Time and Billing and MAPADOC for EDI,” points out Andrew M. Nunez, Chief Sales Officer, SWK Technologies.

MAPADOC brings automation and multi-point data validation to ease information access for businesses, empowering them to be in complete control of the business operations. The tool serves as an efficient trading-partner communication system integrated within on-premises and cloud-based ERP solutions such as Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, Sage X3, and Acumatica.

SWK helps large companies from various industries such as supply chain logistics, consumer packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and process manufacturing by enabling them to enhance their accounting, manufacturing, and distribution solutions. “Our goal is to boost the automation capabilities of our clients to reduce manual intervention, errors, and paperwork,” says Nunez. With its ERP consulting services, the company helps manufacturers to track and source their raw materials and manage their inventory through end production with a centralized control that boosts end-to-end visibility of the various business processes. It also helps process manufacturers such as beverage manufacturing companies deal with complexities where the raw material characteristics vary over time.

We are a software reseller, implementer, and publisher

SWK helps its clients with the current market updates that enable them to make informed decisions. “Enabling connectivity to the outside world while securing the inside data of our clients is a key aspect of our services,” notes Nunez. Cloud has emerged as the enabler of connectivity and in that context, SWK Technologies helps companies to embrace cloud which facilitates access to the data outside the enterprise while securing the inside data.

To secure clients’ business data and IT infrastructure, SWK provides managed services as part of its network services offering. SWK also delivers backup and disaster recovery, comprehensive computer network and mobile device support, business continuity, and email and web security. Several hundred companies from highly regulated industries such as accounting, finance, legal, insurance, and healthcare leverage SWK’s technology to track, access, and secure their data while meeting compliance needs.

In one instance, AmPharmCo, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, had difficulty in managing their inventory tracking. The manufacturing software they used relied on paper-based processes that didn’t integrate with their accounting software. The company selected SWK to assist with these challenges. By recommending Sage X3, followed by training, SWK helped AmPharmCo to integrate their inventory with the company databases, streamline order management, implement automation in operations, and improve ROI.

Driven by the zeal to ease data access for its clients, SWK helps with cloud transition, enabling seamless yet secured external access for on-the-go and multi-locational clients. In the future, the company looks forward to evolving further as a comprehensive consulting firm with network services, IT solutions, and business consulting all packaged into a single and unique offering.

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Andrew M. Nunez, Chief Sales Officer and Mark Meller, CEO

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