eRequester: Streamlining Purchasing and Expense with Spend Management Software Automation

Randy Pape, CEO
In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are incorporating spend management solutions to gain a holistic view of their daily transactions and financial expenditures. Companies re-quire complete visibility across all departments to keep tab on the company’s growth and financial stability. Consequently, organizations are looking for ERP solutions that can not only automate transaction processes, but also provide visibility into the data required to identify opportunities for savings. eRequester meets these complex business needs through its comprehensive and modular spend management software suite that streamlines expense tracking and purchase order automation processes. “We understand client requirements and configure our solution to enhance collaborative decision-making processes on spend,” states Randy Pape, CEO, eRequester.

eRequester’s spend management software suite facilitates organizations’ need to route necessary purchase requests for review, approval, or notification within an organization for collaborative decision-making. The suite can seamlessly integrate with ERP systems from Sage Software, Microsoft, QuickBooks, Blackbaud, Epicor, Syspro, and SAP. eRequester shares information with the accounting or ERP system to eliminate duplicate entries. It also offers easy configuration of approval workflows and routing to help a company determine the required approvals or notifications based on data unique to their system.

In addition to cost containment, eRequester’s software suite addresses the needs of growing businesses with distributed operations by providing a flexible, easy-to-use procurement system. The eRequester solution suite integrates with a number of accounting systems and provides real-time links to vendors, GL accounts, inventory items, projects, and budgets. “This integration enables the creation of purchase, expense, or other transactions in a customer’s accounting system. It even lets clients manage purchase requests from multiple entities in a single, easy-to-use web interface,” adds Pape.

eRequester helps organizations improve financial accountability by ensuring all purchases are properly approved. This helps businesses focus on their core operations instead of tracking down budget discrepancies and rogue spending.

We understand client requirements and configure our solution to enhance collaborative decision-making processes on spend

With additional modules such as Request for Quote, Blanket Purchase Order, Mobile Approval, Project Accounting, Punchout, and more, eRequester becomes a full-fledged spend management suite, providing unprecedented access to financial reporting, real-time budget, and inventory management data from a single easy to use, web interface.

The firm also recently added two new feature-sets to eRequester. First is the AP Automation module. This enables vendors to directly email their invoices into eRequester for faster processing. Second is the Storefont UI that makes purchasing easier than ever. “eRequester’s new Storefront user interface is a familiar ‘ecommerce-like’ metaphor that lets users shop within eRequester, view items, build a shopping cart, and then submit the order to route it for approval,” says Pape.

A multitude of companies, in many industries, have incorporated eRequester as their trusted spend management system. One such company was recently in search of a standard centralized purchasing platform for 15 schools spread across the country. The Purchasing Manager for these educational institutions required a simple solution that could track purchase requests, control costs, simplify the request for quote process, and manage items available for purchase. This client installed eRequester along with the Punchout and Storefront modules. They immediately witnessed increased ROI, eliminating the need for as many as 12 additional hires.

Adding to its growth trajectory, eRequester will be launching a new Forms and Contracts module to enable users to create a form of their own design and route it for responses and approvals. “Our Contracts module will let organizations take the form they created, and pull in financial data from a Blanket PO to create a contract, enabling brand new categories of data to be tracked and managed within eRequester in exciting and new directions,” concludes Pape.


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Randy Pape, CEO

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