Epicor: Restructure and Reinvent

Joe Cowan, CEO Today, more and more organizations are becoming increasingly global and to support these efforts they are establishing multiple sites or locations including regional sales offices, distribution warehouses and national, regional, and even global headquarters. But with expansion comes the need to adapt the business rules of foreign countries, including government regulations, variations in tax, reporting requirements and labor laws. The challenges do not end here, organizations must also amalgamate their operations to gain visibility across all operations to support strategic decisions, manage regulation, governance and compliance initiatives while enhancing operational efficiency. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has gained momentum as the mission critical component of any business’ globalization strategy. ERP solutions computerize programs essential in managing a wide range of local operations, from Supply Chain Management (SCM) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The information held within an ERP system is also the key to gaining visibility into precise, consolidated information about the business and is the foundation of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary to achieve corporate objectives. As organizations become increasingly globalized, they recognize the value of combining their operations on fewer ERP systems. However, these efforts have been thwarted by the cost and intricacy involved, which only limited number of systems, can meet.

Assisting more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries, Epicor offers global enterprises with flexible, cost-effective standardized business solutions that can be supported globally through a single provider. Epicor provides the opportunity to standardize an entire business on a single solution worldwide. Alternatively, the company can merge a corporate Tier- 1 ERP with the organization’s divisions and operating plants. The inherent interoperability of Epicor solutions provides for seamless connectivity and collaboration via open service-oriented architecture (SOA) and XML Web services—application-to-application and enterprise-to-enterprise—as well as to many existing industry-leading third-party solutions.

With approximately 44 years of experience on thousands of projects, Epicor presents fine tuned solutions ensuring the best in efficiency and industry recognized best practice. Their tools allow users to directly customize dashboards to show real-time information in the format they personally need, as well as produce standard information for their role. Epicor’s capabilities and performance can be measured against both internal standards and a multitude of international standards, including FASB GAAP, and IAS, and reporting standards such as IFRS and other generally accepted accounting practices with which local operations must comply. “Epicor is vertically focused and catering to the midmarket firms that can go anywhere from 50 million – 500 million in size. And it’s important to really understand who the customers are, what their problems are, what their challenges are and that’s what we pride ourselves— in the deep domain rich knowledge that allows us to really understand and help our customers to be successful,” says Joe Cowan, CEO of Epicor.

ERP System Suite

Guided by the need of today’s users, Epicor ERP is a global enterprise resource planning solution that offers the agility and flexibility to drive growth and opportunity throughout a business. It is a single, end-to-end software solution which is available on premise, in the cloud or hosted as software as a service (SaaS) solution and built on Microsoft technology for enhanced contact between mobile workers.

We pride ourselves—in the deep domain rich knowledge that allows us to really understand and help our customers to be successful

The solution offers a modular approach with strong capabilities focused on streamlining processes and reducing costs while improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise.

The ERP giant recently announced the latest version of its ERP 10 business software. Building on the accomplishment of their existing ERP solution, the first post-modern platform built for mobility and collaboration out-of-the-box, promotes the five core principles of Epicor ERP—Collaboration, Choice, Responsiveness, Mobility and Simplicity—with amplified functionality across the breadth of the application to help support business growth.

Epicor has made it easier and faster than ever before for customers to take advantage of new release functionality, as evidenced by the hundreds of customers that are already up and running on the newest version of Epicor ERP in the cloud and on premises. Boers & Co. Fine Metalworking Group, a developer of fine mechanical parts, high precision assembly and sheet metal products, went live on Epicor ERP 10.1 via a process that ICT Manager Jos Greeve characterized as “easy” and “straight forward.” Boers wanted to expand its offerings by moving from making simple parts to more complex metal works. Boers implemented Epicor ERP to handle complexities involved in expanding their operations in the shop floor as well as in offices. The solution provided Boers up-to-date information on the operations and stock of inventories and components. Today, the metal works company has increased productivity, while reducing 25 percent of labor force, highlighting the effectiveness of the solution furnished by Epicor. Boers’ management incessantly explains that it only took an evening to go live with the solution, and elaborates on the plans to employ Epicor ERP throughout their global offices and shop floors.

Eliminating Complexities with Innovative Solutions

Epicor ERP has augmented their traditional ERP capabilities with a new approach to collaboration. Rooted within Epicor ERP is Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) that supports the fundamental shift in the way organizations collaborate internally or externally. ESE delivers the ability to mine the knowledge retained across all Epicor ERP, including ESE activity streams. These familiar embedded components facilitate users to easily subscribe and unsubscribe to information critical to their role as and when the situation demands. Collaboration within Epicor ERP also extends to more efficient trading relationships with customers and suppliers.

The unique ERP system continuously eliminates complexities, and provides innovative solutions—from configurable dashboards to intuitive navigation— empowering every user to create their own “My ERP.” The system embeds capabilities that make it simple for users— to access information in real time, spurring innovation. To augment the inherent usability, Epicor ERP delivers embedded help, training courses, and their comprehensive Epicor University curriculum. With a keen focus on reducing complication, Epicor ERP delivers exceptional ease of adoption by incorporating tools and workbenches to simplify execution and streamline upgrades.

Epicor ERP is built for collaboration and mobility—with constant investment in creating a mobile framework sustaining a modern user experience on virtually any mobile device for anytime, anywhere information access. This mobile framework is the foundation for delivering a mobile dashboard application ideal for modern-day manufacturing.
Offering the same rich navigational and visual user experience that users have come to expect from any mobile application, the mobile dashboard application unites users from varying roles within an organization to the right slices of ERP data from anywhere, on virtually any device.Epicor through their solutions recognizes the competing demands of an enterprise and focuses on ensuring that customers are able to stay ahead of the curve, and users are fully productive however they choose to interact with Epicor ERP.

"Epicor ICE is designed to maximize efficiency that aligns with customers’ business strategies by delivering solutions that combine Enterprise 2.0 concepts"

The Strong Base for Epicor

Epicor’s visionary enterprise applications are driven by Epicor ICE Framework— using state-of-the-art service architecture to not only meet business requirements today, but offer the litheness to house unseen opportunities in the future. Enterprises can modify the platform and infrastructure to suit their best practices, including support for virtualization. Epicor is designed with secure, yet open access to business logic functionality. ICE is designed to maximize efficiency that aligns with customers’ business strategies by delivering solutions that combine Enterprise 2.0 concepts, such as enterprise search, real-time communication, and social media, with business acumen.

Information workers can also view key ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) data in a broader context and take specific actions against it right from desktop productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Word, and Excel. The goal is to make the flow of information and processes—which support the highest visibility and efficiency across the value chain—transparent to users. In short, it’s all about getting the right information to the right person at the right time—at the pace a particular business demands. In effect, Epicor ICE business architecture lets firms run business, instead of being a barrier to growth.

Designed for the Future

The company constantly offers effective consulting, training, and ongoing support that are critical to an ERP customers’ initial and on-going success. To ensure success with their software, Epicor’s service teams are dedicated to understanding the customer needs, simplifying complexity, and providing expert guidance and support. Epicor provides an array of services through over 1,200 experienced professionals in more than 150 countries, with customers having access to a global team of proven experts and best-in-class resources and technology. Supporting customer’s need to leverage geographic diversity on both the revenue and cost sides of their business, Epicor’s comprehensive, industry-insightful ERP solution enables firms to outpace the competition with more effective operations and world-class customer service.

The speed of deployment on a massive scale is exemplary of SaaS methodology chosen by Epicor. It eliminates many of the barriers that keep firms from implementing or upgrading their cloud ERP solution; more importantly it enables them to focus on their core business operations instead of managing IT. The Epicor ERP is a creative blend of rich global functionality built on agile technology that eliminates complexity to make ERP easier to use, more collaborative and responsive than ever before, while supporting today’s business imperatives. “For us it's all about customer, quality, value and that final component about who we are, is how we personally leverage technology, and make technology simple for our customers to use,” concludes Cowan.


Austin, TX

Joe Cowan, CEO

A single, end-to-end software solution for business, Epicor ERP is available on premise, hosted, or in the cloud as a SaaS solution