Agility ERP: Building Adaptive Business Solutions with Openbravo

John Fandl, Co-Founder & VP, Enterprise Solutions
As businesses strive to increase revenue in hyper-competitive, evolving markets, how they approach growth will be vital to their ultimate success. Conventional “big bang” approaches based on a “one size fits all” philosophy from legacy ERP vendors only add to the problem. In order to achieve sustainable success, companies must embrace change, capitalize on their competitive strengths and take an iterative and agile approach to new system implementations.

Based out of Westborough, MA, Agility ERP has cracked the code in how companies can rapidly deploy new business solutions that achieve sustainable competitive advantages while remaining flexible and able to embrace ongoing evolution and change. There are two concepts that are clearly important to Agility ERP and their clients. Being adaptive—the ability to mold the ERP around the unique aspects of the business, not the other way around. And taking an Iterative approach - the ability to implement an ERP system very quickly and grow over time.

“CIOs clearly recognize the need to move quickly toward real-time ERP systems that can be fully integrated with their current and emerging business processes,” said John Fandl, Co-founder and VP of Agility ERP. “They generally don’t have the patience for the big-bang type approaches that are typically late, over budget and are not well aligned with the current and evolving business needs.”

To help their clients, Agility ERP has standardized on a suite of commercial grade, enterprise open source technologies as core building blocks for building adaptive business solutions that are fully aligned with the business needs and expectations. These systems include Openbravo ERP, FrePPLe Production Planning, Magento e-commerce—and other web browser based systems which have common characteristics of modularity, extensibility and can easily be integrated with other systems.

The company has been an Openbravo Gold partner since 2009 and is the leading Openbravo implementation partner in North America. Agility ERP has deployed custom ERP solutions in a wide variety of markets including ecommerce, manufacturing (discrete and batch), education, B2B services, and federal government applications.

If the client has their own vision of what they want to achieve, and they value agility and flexibility, what we bring in with OpenBravo is obvious and highly valued!

Agility ERP has deployed Openbravo in both conventional server environments and Amazon Web Services. Most Agility ERP customers prefer private cloud over multi-tenant SaaS due to the precision and control they have in managing their specific environment. In addition, the flexibility to migrate between cloud and premise deployments provides another level of control not available to users of multi-tenant SaaS systems.

Another aspect of the Agility ERP approach is to focus on user workflows and prototyping very early in the process. “We sit down with the actual system users and have them walk through day-in-the-life scenarios so we can see first-hand how they transact business today, what systems they use and where they have the most pressing challenges,” said Fandl. “Since we can customize the deployment to their specific needs, this prototyping phase is a critical step in understanding the needs and challenges so we can develop a prioritized and progressive implementation plan.”

One example of an Agility ERP client is Quala—a multinational provider of B2B services for cleaning transportation containers. The company had grown through acquisitions to over 60 locations supported by 3 different systems and processes. The company standardized on Openbravo to replace these disparate systems and added new custom features to further differentiate in their industry. These innovations include a mobile system for tracking their customer’s containers and a customer-facing portal where these customers can see the real-time status of their jobs at Quala.

Jay Marcotte, Quala VP of IT summarizes it like this: “Working with Agility ERP has allowed me to greatly simplify our application portfolio with a scalable, flexible, web-based solution to support Quala’s innovation and growth strategies.”

Agility ERP

Westborough, MA

John Fandl, Co-Founder & VP, Enterprise Solutions

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