3i Infotech: Intuitive ERP Applications to Streamline Business Processes and Drive Organizational Growth

Suryanarayan Kasichainula, EVP & Business Head
Traditionally, ERP implementations have been painfully long-drawn for organizations across industries. Today, high-growth organizations are looking for viable options such as SaaS ERP systems, cloud-ERP systems, and mobile technologies to run business operations seamlessly. Modern enterprises consider ERP systems to be more integrable with a typical supply chain management or CRM solution.

“The availability of functionally-focused ERP systems such as Salesforce and Workday has made it easier for small and mid-sized organizations to draw level with their Fortune 500 counterparts,” points out Suryanarayan Kasichainula, EVP and Business Head (ERP), 3i Infotech. Companies are demanding affordable ERP automation products to address the challenges in their business processes. This is where 3i Infotech plays a significant role. The company takes a services-based approach to be a one-stop-shop for IP-based products and solutions. With a strong vertical focus, 3i offers “Process Optimization”, with both cloud-enabled and on-premise solutions. 3i Infotech’s suite of ERP products, ORION ERP is a multi-user enterprise solution that comprises executive dashboards, a task management and workflow management engine, and a reporting tool to simplify business processes. ORION’s Financial Management module, for instance, incorporates features such as financial accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, Post Dated Checks (PDC) management, budgetary control, and management reporting. Closely integrating with modules such as sales, purchase, inventory, contracting, manufacturing, fixed assets and payroll, ORION Finance module provides enterprises with a firm control over its resources.

The ORION suite effectively equips the users with the prowess to manage enterprise-wide systems, data, and teams. With a focus on the potential offered by the commercial-grade technology, 3i Infotech brings its functional expertise across verticals, such as trading and distribution, process manufacturing, and contracting. The functionally robust solution with enhanced productivity components, is also available as easily implementable “process packs” for single application access to all business processes.

Always staying tuned to the needs of our customers, we believe in regular interaction to get a better grasp of their goals

The advanced features of ORION ERP make it an appropriate choice for enterprises looking for a cost-effective solution that streamlines a customer’s collaborative business functions. A Kenya-based premier home appliances vendor, Hotpoint Appliances implemented the ORION ERP suite as they required a comprehensive, unified solution to handle all the operations within a retail store lifecycle. The integrated solution helped the customer in managing their operations and finances seamlessly. Backed by robust support service, ORION ERP is a globally trusted partner to more than 800 customers with over 1,000 installations and 50,000+ users across multiple verticals.

The firm’s innovation lab is responsible for ground-breaking ideas to serve both their customers and internal teams in an efficient manner. The company wants to drive the concept of ideation into their range of ORION solutions to engineer them for speed and a seamless user experience.

With a top-down, bottom-up commitment towards improving the scalability of ORION ERP, 3i Infotech wants to make their product more affordable for the startups. Moving ahead, the company wants to continue innovating in the mobility space with a specific focus on cloud. 3i Infotech is planning to release ORION Mobility Practice during Q4 this year with a specific focus on warehouse management and trading and distribution. “The use of handheld devices by the personnel on a warehouse floor eases their jobs and brings better connectivity. ORION Mobility will be a path-breaking and comprehensive enterprise solution,” points out Kasichainula.

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Suryanarayan Kasichainula, EVP & Business Head

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