Taulia: Financial Supply Chain Experts

Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting
With changing business demographics and the need to enhance productivity, companies are greatly dependant on ERP systems to streamline account payments, and manage financial supply chain processes. “Today, enterprises need improved process efficiency for accounts payable to increase performance and the returns achieved on their ERP investments,” says Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting, Taulia. With an aim to compliment client’s ERP environment, Taulia provides a cloud-based, scalable, secure and seamless platform that integrates into the existing ERP system of organizations, without the help of any additional middleware or hardware. “At Taulia, we are ERP agnostic and provide next generation web based supplier management, P2P automation and flexible supplier finance solutions,” says Cauley.

We are not dependent on transactions originating through our network, and enable early payment on 100 percent of invoices shown in the buyer’s ERP

Based in San Francisco, CA, Taulia partners with the world’s largest companies to provide suppliers with a plethora of free self-service tools and access to cash through early payments. The company allows buyers to employ dynamic discounting to pay approved invoices early in exchange for a discount, as well as supply chain finance if the buyer prefers not to fund the early payment. “We are not dependent on transactions originating through our network, and enable early payment on 100 percent of invoices shown in the buyer’s ERP,” says Cauley. Taulia’s supplier facing front-end is a portal that connects buyer’s ERP system to the cloud. The portal improves supplier collaboration by addressing all forms of communication, information and transaction processing. The cloud based platform gives suppliers the authority to access invoice status, payment information, and approval details, meaning they no longer need to rely on their buyers to answer these simple questions.
The company boasts a Supplier Information Management (SIM) system that helps organizations partner with their suppliers by simplifying data collection and increasing self-sufficiency for their suppliers. Taulia SIM assists businesses with cleansing, standardizing and maintaining their supplier’s information, which improves data quality and lowers costs. The company lets suppliers access information any time, reducing the phone call updates; ultimately saving money. Through this, suppliers will be well aware of the status of invoices and can instantly message buyers if any question arises, update vendor master information and access free electronic invoicing services. This helps enterprises reduce costs, increasing information integrity and strengthen trading relationships.

In terms of enhancing client’s ERP environment, Taulia differentiates itself with its rapidly deployable service, flexibility and integration ability. Taulia enhances the ERP to offer early payment discounts either using customer balance sheet or third party funds. “We are the first provider that offers a truly flexibly solution where buyers can choose to fund early payments with their cash, or third party cash,” claims Cauley.

Since inception, Taulia has been providing best of breed cloud based solutions focused on eInvoicing, dynamic discounting and supply chain finance to enhance business operations.

“Our seamless ERP integration, easy-to-use web portal, flexible financing solution and strong supplier onboarding strategy sets us ahead in the competition,” claims Cauley. Taulia believes in accurate and timely invoice receipt and approval to ensure buyers maximizes early payment discount opportunity.

For instance, Coca-Cola Bottling, a large U.S. bottler, faced the challenge of streamlining their payables process, while providing suppliers better visibility and offering early payments. Taulia’s solution enabled Coca-Cola Bottling to transform their internal processes and strengthen supplier relationships along the way.

With offices spread across the U.S., U.K., Germany and Netherlands, Taulia plans to expand its geographical footprint to Asia Pacific region. The company has made significant investments in the global market, and will continue investing heavily in their flexible Supply Chain Finance offering. “This will allow us to provide suppliers all over the world with access to cash when they need it most,” concludes Cauley.

Taulia Financial Supply Chain Experts

San Francisco, CA

Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting

Taulia connects ERP systems to the cloud to provide suppliers with real-time visibility into their invoices and payments, and the ability to automatically get paid early in exchange for a discount.