Paper-Less: Comprehensive Solutions for Production Management

Mike LeRoy, President
Paper-Less addresses the challenge of most ERP Vendors who lack comprehensive production management solutions. With the dearth of necessary tools from one vendor, customers have to source niche products from different vendors leading to a disjointed stream of solutions. By providing a unified platform, the solutions Paper-Less has developed have distinctive features to extend ERP’s capabilities to the manufacturing floor without significant overlap.

“I have a knack for devising creative solutions to problems whether they are for fixing things at home or solving business needs at work.” says Mike LeRoy, President, Paper-Less, LLC. This attribute is reflected in his leadership at Paper-Less, a provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the manufacturing industry.

LeRoy also enjoys inspiring others to take initiative to be their own “MacGyvers”, referencing the show centered on saving the day by being resourceful and creative. “At Paper-Less, we encourage ingenuity and recognize individual talents and contributions,” remarks LeRoy.

Paper-Less’ key product, named MV2, which stands for Manufacturing Visibility and Velocity, has interoperable capability to work both in line production control systems and ERP systems. Leroy specifies how MV2 uniquely enables multi-dimensional production floor information flow. “With Paper-Less MV2, operators work on and report against the right job at the right time,” explains LeRoy. “Errors are reduced or eliminated. ERP is updated immediately with production floor activity allowing visibility across the enterprise. Notifications enable a manage by exception approach to running the plant floor. Managers learn when jobs are running slow or when material will be ready to move from one operation to the next. These mission critical aids become essential to daily operations and ensuring quality products are shipped on time.”

Paper-Less also offers a sophisticated ERP synchronization engine that is openly architected to interface with a variety of ERP systems. It is designed such that the functions of MV2 remain the same across all ERP platforms. While mapping significant amounts of data between ERP and MES, MV2 also manages the communications between
manufacturing execution and ERP external systems. Even when ERP is unavailable, updates are managed within MV2 to ensure successful completion of production processes. When ERP becomes available, buffered messages are then transferred for efficient data exchange between ERP and MV2.

“Companies using multi-tiered or disparate ERP systems across multiple plants benefit from the common, easy user interface provided by MV2,” says LeRoy. “Also, when our customers decide to change to a new ERP system, they love the fact that workers will be able to continue experiencing the same MV2 user interface they are familiar with using.”

MV2 Digital Shop Packets include production details like manufacturing orders, setup instructions, procedural information and engineering drawings. Mission critical information can be accessed by MV2 on the network, internally or externally. Along with that, multi-language support can be utilized by different production workers and management.

Vestas Wind Systems, a provider of wind driven power generation equipment, was dealing with many errors coming from their manual system processes before MV2 was installed. It was due to enormous number of transactions coming off the shop floor feeding ERP and payroll which led to the increasing number of glitches in the system. After setting up the Paper-Less solution across their plants worldwide, they were able to better manage the extensive volume of production activity and data, along with realizing cost savings.

Companies using multi-tiered or disparate ERP systems across multiple plants benefit from the common, easy user interface provided by MV2

To strengthen their future, Paper-Less plans to expand global customer and partner relationships, by leveraging their unique manufacturing execution system. LeRoy concludes, “We continue to develop ways to help our customers to more efficiently gain and utilize actionable production intelligence.”


Oconomowoc, WI

Mike LeRoy, President

Paper-Less is a technology leader and pioneer in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software and services