Faye Business Systems Group: Simplifying Business using ERP and CRM Software

David Faye, CEO
In business today, it isn't enough to simply have software that caters to an organization’s current needs or to have software that works only in a silo. Because business today is faster, more online, and more interconnected than ever before, a company’s software and systems needs to take these factors into account. Software needs to be expandable so that as needs change in the future, the software can grow with it. In addition, software needs to be open to integration and have the ability to be more interconnected with other software and systems. Faye Business Systems Group (FayeBSG) has made this its cornerstone by building cutting edge integrations and customizations with CRM, ERP, and accounting software to allow organizations to grow and be nimble as needed.

Touting customizability as their biggest advantage, FayeBSG has taken applications such as NetSuite and Sage100 ERP Software and has mastered the software’s source code to allow for an unthinkably large variety of solutions. FayeBSG offers nine off-the-shelf packages that integrate SugarCRM—FayeBSG’s chosen application in CRM solutions. FayeBSG also works with open systems such as NetSuite that naturally allow a vast range of connectivity to different products, as well as being a Master Developer for Sage100 ERP.

Overcoming the limitations of Sage100 ERP also means that FayeBSG can cater to 80-90 percent of a customer's needs out of the box, and the other 10- 20 percent through the customizability alone. “If you have a distribution company then you're guaranteed strong inventory and order functionality; if you have a finance company, the functionality in terms of financial porting and customizability is strong as well,” says David Faye, CEO, FayeBSG. For businesses in distribution and light manufacturing, few products offer Sage100's history and install base. FayeBSG has integrated SugarCRM with various other tools including ERP solutions like Sage, NetSuite, Quickbooks, and Intacct, as well as other software like Constant Contact, Shoretel, Box, and DropBox to create a wide variety of different solutions altogether—from email automation to phone systems that document storage and credit cards.
Among FayeBSG's many accolades, Paramount Global Services, being a seller of packaging and international freight forwarding and logistics service to manufacturers, needed a CRM application to grow and improve their sales management. They chose FayeBSG, a SugarCRM and Sage 100 partner, to design and deploy a solution to address their issues. FayeBSG's implementation of Sugar as well as their Sugar-Sage integration was selected by Paramount and ultimately went on to increase Paramount's pipeline visibility, standardizing multiple sales processes, doubling their new business growth in the first quarter of 2012 more than any previous quarter, and shortening their sales cycle by 10 percent. Paramount General Sales Manager, Mark McAnlis said, "Without their help, guidance, and mentoring, none of what we’ve done in Sugar, and none of the successes that we’ve had, would have been possible.”

We’re the leader in SugarCRM integrations, including nine off-the-shelf solutions that integrate SugarCRM with applications such as ERP, marketing, document storage, et al

As evidenced by the customizability of their products and the adaptability of their solutions, FayeBSG places a strong value on growth and believes that anything is possible with technology. Given that more than one third of their staff is made up of developers, their expertise in that area is just as sharp as it is in others. With their survival dependent on their ability to continue being an innovative think tank, one thing is for sure—FayeBSG is a company to keep your eye on in the coming years.

Faye Business Systems Group

Woodland Hills, CA

David Faye, CEO

An innovative software company and consulting firm with extensive expertise in CRM and ERP software, including specialties with SugarCRM, Sage Software, NetSuite, Act-On, and custom software development